About Wendy Fletcher

While studying art in the 1970's at Santa Barbara Art Institute in Santa Barbara, California, I fell in love with art as it lives in Nature. I became a Landscape Designer and Contractor, and for over 30 years have worked with plants, water features, and outdoor living areas. I still paint, but my first love is painting with plant color and texture. Ten years ago, I became a General Contractor in California.

The transition was very easy for me. For years, I had been designing and building fountains and ponds, walls and gates, arbors, outdoor kitchens, and swimming pools - in addition to my work with gardens. This led me directly into designing houses to open up into the outdoors and working with the house structures themselves. Living in Ojai, California for 26 years gave me the opportunity to work for many people in the Entertainment Industry, and others, who came to enjoy the beauty of that area. They loved my concepts and we remodeled many upscale houses and estates in order to enhance their Ojai Valley Experience.

Some of the photos on my site are of my jobs. Others are of the work I did on my own home and gardens, creating a Hacienda out of a 2.5 acre post WW2 eyesore. In 2008-2009 I had the opportunity to participate in the construction of 2 $million houses in Nayarit, Mexico. Punto El Costudio is a small gated community of about 12 homes on a point overlooking the ocean about 2 hours drive north of Puerto Vallarta. It is one of those places where the jungle would literally run into the ocean, if it weren't for the rocks. To the south is an estuary and 12 miles of pristine beach, now a sea turtle sanctuary. To the north is undeveloped coastline and San Blas. The owners of the houses were pleased with the general design of the houses, but had some concerns about some of the details regarding how it would blend into the environment as opposed to being an imposition on it. And there, again, were those concerns about construction and design in Mexico.

It really takes someone to be on site to make sure expectations are met and some of the challenges of local construction are dealt with. Any of you who have spent time in Mexico will know what I am talking about… I don't have to expound. The total experience for me was very rewarding. I was able to not only apply my artistic abilities, but also to learn about the challenges and opportunities characteristic to local construction. There are photos of those houses, Casa Celeste and Casa Corona, on the site. It is with a mix of pride, humility, and gratitude that I was a part of how they look today.

As a result of the economic situation in the U.S. , particularly in California, and its effect on construction, I have returned to Puerto Vallarta. My family built the first home on Playa Conchas Chinas, Casa Celeste, designed by Ricardo Applegate. Vallarta has been a second home for me for over 40 years. It is a permanent move for me, and yes that includes summers, when building is less expensive and more convenient for clients.

I recently bought a very reasonably priced home on the River Cuale and have remodeled it in order to make it more beautiful and more compatible to my life style. Sometimes, the builders down here cut a few too many corners or are not aware of our expectations and comfort levels. I have been able to keep costs very much within my budget, and could sell it at today's prices for a considerable profit. I invite you to come see it.

One of the things I am interested in doing here is to work with some of the newer condominiums and house and blending into them more of Mexico's look and feel. The colors, arch work, art and bringing the outdoors in have been missing in some of the recent construction, resulting in homes at the right price without the flavor. In many cases, they can be transformed without construction.

The use of facades, plaster work and painting techniques are all you need. Add some design and decorating suggestions, and you find yourself in your own Hacienda-style home. Working in some of the many beautiful plants from the area can bring the jungle right up to your doorstep. Visualize a wall of orchids right out your kitchen window. Enjoy the photos on my site. Or better yet, come visit and see where I live in person. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you have an interest in my ideas