If you have fallen in love with the beauty and culture of Old Puerto Vallarta as I did 40 years ago, you may be considering buying or building here.
Or you may have already and want some help in returning your Puerto Vallarta home to the flavor of the days before all the modern construction and artless design took over.
If so, we share the same vision. After moving here full time in 2010, I realized that some areas of Vallarta are losing the beauty of Old Mexico, while others are ignoring it completely, as if culture and comfort cannot coexist.

I have also experienced personally some of the challenges and frustrations characteristic of managing a remodel or construction project here without being totally involved with the project with the knowledge and skills to insure the end result meets expectations. In other words, we don't have to settle for how it turns out.

I want to be a part of the efforts to preserve Vallarta's past so it can live in the future, and am looking for like-minded people.
Through art, design and more traditional construction techniques, I can help you.

Enjoy my website....I hope to hear from you.